Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction:
1.1. The terms and conditions mentioned below regulate the use of this website. By visiting our website and using it you automatically approve to our levied terms and conditions of use which will be explained in further points.

1.2. When you do search of business on our website, we promptly ask you whether you approve of our terms and conditions; you should be affirmative of it if you wish to continue using our services.

1.3. Our website uses cookies for seamless viewing. By using our website you agree to the cookies policy.

1.4. If you use our website, you must be at least 18 years of age. By visiting our website and registering on our website, you confirm that you are above the age of 18.

2. Copyright Regulations:

2.1. Copyright information is provided under the format of Copyright © [year of first publication] [full name of the organization]

2.2. We own and control the formats and viewing experience on our website as intellectual property and hold a copyright for the existing setup of advertising on our website.

2.3. All the other materials posted on our search database and seen on our viewer pages are reserved completely with the owners of the different websites for copyrights and intellectual property rights.

2.4. In case of any copyright infringement disputes within the websites that are being promoted or displayed on our pages, only the owners of the website are to be held responsible for queries and settlements.

3. Directives to use our Website:

3.1. You can view our website in any browser. We do not share the account, username or password of any user at any time and do not disclose it to any third party. Clients are solely responsible for the usage and control of the materials. The clients get complete control to make changes to the accounts and to maintain the confidentiality of account information.

3.2. The right to access and use the Adbidds’s services shall be limited solely in connection with planning and processing an advertising campaign. The Adbidds Services are for lawful commercial purposes and any illegal or unauthorized use of the Adbidds's services is prohibited. Adbidds reserves the right to take appropriate legal action for any illegal or unauthorized use of our website and services.

3.3. All the promotional materials involved in an advertising campaign including texts, images, videos, tutorials, designs, graphics, data, interface, code, programs, analysis, reports, information and the selection or arrangement of any other content should be comprised according to the 'Terms of Use'.

3.4. Clients shall not make any attempt to make an unauthorized use, copy, modification or derivation of works from any other content already available on our website or on any other website.

3.5. If you work with us or advertise on our pages, you should not work towards defaming or disparaging Adbidds's intellectual property or any aspect of our services. One should also not try to adapt, modify, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any software, code, applications, programs, promotional or other materials related to Adbidds’s website or services.

4. Regulations of Material Submission:

4.1. When you make a submission of an Advertisement on our Website, you are bound by the regulations of Adbidds pertaining to licensed use of the material that can be copied, reformatted, modified, deleted from or added to a public platform in various media formats. These materials can also be used by the parent directory for reference and promotional events.

4.2. Adbidds has exclusive rights to edit and execute necessary technical modifications and other functions to imply full facilities of our services, but we do not change the coding of any stuff, neither do we reformat any of the original material submitted.

4.3. Adbidds may work with other independent third party websites as a part of our advertising campaign. These websites are provided solely as a convenience to the Client and we do not control their functioning. These third party websites have their own set of privacy and service policies, independent of Adbidds Privacy Policy.

4.4. It is really important to understand certain points before making a submission of an Advertisement. The points are:

  • We do not accept or advertise contents that do infringement of intellectual property rights, without obtaining proper permission from the copyright owner or right holder.
  • We do not accept or advertise contents that generate or distribute any kind of illegal activities or represent and encourage civil or criminal offense; promote hate, violence, terrorism, kidnapping, illegal substances use, etc.
  • We also recommend not to use our services to solicit others in joining any other online service similar to Adbidds.
  • We do not accept or advertise contents involving fraud or misrepresentati on of the client's identity, their products or services that are being promoted through the use of Adbidds’s Services.
  • We do not accept or promote materials containing unsolicited, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasion of privacy, pornography, harassment, abusive, illegal, or otherwise objectionable content.

5. Advertisement Guidelines:

5.1. All the Titles, Descriptions, URLs and Keywords submitted should be related to the services of the Client’s website. If in future you change the services provided on your website, you must also update the Keywords and Description to the extent of change in the original website.

5.2. When the clients submit materials like URL links, Keywords and Ad Descriptions, our core team does a cross verification of the data provided and only after the approval do we upload the content. Even after that if someone notifies us of any discrepancy or infringement of copyright laws in the content provided or posted on our timeline, proper examination of the content will be conducted and if the claims are found to be true, then Adbidds holds all the rights to pull down the post immediately and to block any future posting from the related client.

5.3. The clients should never provide misleading content including ad Title, ad Description and the assigned URL. The domain name in the shown URL must always match the domain name of the directed page. If the Client works on behalf of a third party and if their redirection of content, title and description leads to their client's site then they should notify and ask for the permission of Adbidds beforehand. Adbidds holds complete rights to suspend or terminate any such violating accounts that do not work according to these Terms.

5.4. Clients are not allowed to run two or more identical ads containing identical Ad Title, Ad Description or URLs with identical Keywords within the same geographic region, within the same time period. Clients can however run identical ads containing identical Keywords within the same geographic region, given that these ads receive traffic from different traffic source IDs or within different time periods.

5.5. The use of Special Characters should only be done for punctuation purposes. There shouldn’t be any crowding of Capital letters in the title, description and shown URLs of the ads.

6. Advertising on the Publisher's Websites:

6.1. Adbidds doesn’t have any executive control over the Publisher’s website that is 7searchppc.com. Clients need to understand and agree to the condition that visitors can view and access Advertisement on Publisher's website which are managed and operated by a separate team of the Publisher. All the Clients are required to understand and agree to the terms of use regarding the advertisements on the Publisher’s website, which is an integral part of the Publisher's network.

6.2. Clients also need to understand that just bidding on 7searchppc.com does not guarantee that Advertisement posted by an Client will be available or displayed on Adbidds. Advertisement listings are composed for each Keyword separately and are made available to Adbidds by the Publisher 7searchppc.com who then rank and determine the list according to the highest bids.

6.3. Adbidds does not guarantee that Advertisement will appear on the first page of listings. Publishers pick up and merge search results from a number of resources within a single advertisement listing, and that's why Adbidds does not guarantee any positioning of the Ads on their website.

6.4. Ads are displayed in a variety of styles with added graphics, bullets, icons and screenshots that are relatable to the Advertisement. All these changes are made by the Publisher to alter the design, layout and visual settings of the Advertisement in order to make it fit the publisher's design and to attract visitors to Client's Website. Adbidds is not responsible for any such alterations.

6.5. If an Client comes across or witnesses any violation of Terms and Conditions by a Publisher or has concerns regarding the quality or relevance of the Publisher Website and its content, then it is the Client's responsibility to inform Adbidds about such issues with proof so that the Publisher can be cross examined for these discrepancies and the needed action can be implied on them.

7. Traffic, Conversion and Fluctuations:
If you join our Advertising program, that does not guarantee that the submissions made by you as a Client will definitely generate any traffic to your website or there will be any direct and fast sales conversion from Adbidds site. The sales and traffic is based on a number of factors such as the competition in the Keywords used, the relevance of the offers made by the Client, the quality of Client's routed pages, keyword targeting, geographical relevance, bidding strategy and the campaign settings. The advertising results including online sales, consumer response, sign ups, product orders, personal information submissions and other leads are the sole responsibility of the Client. Adbidds cannot be held liable in any way for traffic conversion rates or traffic fluctuations.

8. Testimonials and Claims:
Anyone can report and verify the claims made of actual earnings or examples of search results for which you will need to make a written request to Adbidds. The testimonials provided, case studies made and the examples used are personal results of a Client, they do not apply to all the Clients included or registering with Adbidds. These are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The Client's success depends on their choice of work and feasibility to work through the customers. The Client should focus more on fulfilling the orders that he receives with such dedication, desire and motivation that not only the one time visiting customers join in for a long time faithful returns to them for future requirements and the Client should also request and motivate their customers to write personal reviews about what they liked in your services and products which could be further used to promote your area of work and can help in building a background and track record of your services.

9. Liability Policy:
The staff, employees, directors, affiliates, agents, publishers, consultants, etc. working with the company Adbidds are not responsible for any discrepancy in performance due to any of the information availed from Adbidds’s services or for the Clients inability to utilize these services. The loss of business or negative infliction of revenue and information is completely dependent on the Client's policies of use and Adbidds should not be held lawfully questionable in any such disputes.

Adbidds is also not responsible for the safety of accounts and performance reports of the Clients. It is their area of work to maintain a timeline record of such documents on their own. If the Client faces a failure of performance, an error on the working site, omission or deletion of data, interruption in their services, delay in any mode of operation or transmission, any sort of computer virus, communication setup failure and destruction or leakage of data and information on any of the sides (Client, Publisher and Adbidds) or unauthorized access to any of the accounts, they must notify of the same and without any liability to Adbidds but for reporting purposes only so that we can suspend the account on our side while the Client fixes the issue.

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