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Ad Bidds provides the visitors with the privilege of giving out and getting source information about varied companies involved in the service industry dealing with IT services, Tech Support, Travel Booking sites, Online Pharmacy websites and others.

You can join us by clicking on our "Join Us" tab which will redirect you to our basic pay per click (PPC) site 7searchppc.com wherein you can register with us by filling in the necessary form and giving the data as per the services required and then you can go live with your Ad on our various publishing websites.

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Once you are done with registering under the Advertiser or Publisher category of our Services, you can begin making submissions for Ads under the Advertisers list or you can begin publishing material that is provided to all the registered Publishers after the completion of registration. You should take serious note of our Terms of use and Conditions as well as the Privacy policy while working with us as we hold complete rights to exclude anybody who might not be following up with our program guidelines.

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